Two Rings by Lee Greenaway WINNER - LONG STORY

The Pull of the Tides by Roz Levens SECOND PLACE - LONG STORY

Attraversiamo by Kerry Rawlinson WINNER - SHORT STORY

Lost and Found by Kathleen Foxx SECOND PLACE - SHORT STORY

Anna’s Backward Day by Andy Spearman WINNER - CHILDREN'S STORY

Dragon Dares by Lucy Welch SECOND PLACE - CHILDREN'S STORY


The Magic Hour by Lisa Wiley

Emily and the Face by Graham Crisp

The Missionaries’ Daughter by Regina G. Beach

The Red Box on the Hill by Christina Collins

Mud Cake and Downward Dog by Kim Hart

When You’re Chosen, You’re Chosen by Daniel Marques

She Bleeds with the Fields by Gracious Love

Sailboat by Jarrett Mazza

Lord of the Feathers by Steve Goodlad

Condolences by Pam Knapp

Margate by MK O’Connor

Parrot Commentary by Kay Rae Chomic

I Flow to the Sea by Hedy Lewis

Tryptych by Joe Howsin

White by Lorraine Cooke

User History by Ethan Lee

Blessed with a Curse by Jane Bidder

Flight of the Butterfly by Vikki Gemmell

Johanna by Paul Phillips

Moustachio by Laura Scotland

My Girlfriend’s Plants by Robert Scott

Private View by Steve Gregory

4.9 Stars by Joe Howsin

Mrs. Bowley Upstairs by Ed Walsh

Passing Ships by Rosie Cullen

The Weathermen—A Love Letter by Aneeta Sundararaj

The Shadow Waved Back by Leena Batchelor

Passing On by Polly Palmer

Evensong by John Hargreaves

Poetry Park by Leah Knight

The Girl and the Boomerang by Huxley Clark (9 years old)

Potluck by Julie Haworth

A Contained Life by Rebecca Kinnarney

Her Ordinary Man by Susan Rocks

The Right Place by Sven Camrath

Someone, No-one by Hilary Coyne

The Chair by Miki Lentin

As Cold as a Winter’s Day by Derek Hulme

The Displacement Artist by David DeWinter

The Fox and the Dragon by Darren Arthurs

April Anthology One - our first publication of all winning, second place and highly commended shimmering shorts and lustrous longs is due for release this week.

Our Cherished Children's Anthology will be published and released later in the year.

Audio recordings coming soon.

Many thanks to everyone that took part.

If your story has not been selected this time, please do not despair, we still enjoyed reading your work but we have a limit on how much we can include in one publication---we received just so many wonderful pieces of writing. Please pick up your pen/typewriter/laptop/quill and ink and enter again---all proceeds go to charity and story writing is great for the soul!