Glittery Literary Anthology Volume 2


Dummy in a Cloche Hat by Stephen Goodlad (Lustrous Long Story Winner)

Pools of Daffodils by Matilda Elizabeth Drew (Lustrous Long Story Second Place)

Breathe, In Out, In Out by Christina Collins (Shimmering Short Story Winner)

Hostage by Steve Bridger (Shimmering Short Story Second Place)

Highly Commended (also selected for paperback publication):

Black Coffee – A Murder Mystery by Duncan Abel

Passion Dale by Marc Nash

What Would You Do? by Hollie Milnes

The Immortal by Kevin Brooke

Amongst the Bracken by Jakub Angerer

For Lyra by Rebecca Klassen

Bank Run Betrayal by Paul Brooker

The Night I Died by Norah Blakedon

My Perfect Man by Tim Kirton

I Envision by Paul Beckman

Some Unpleasantries by Dana Storino

Wall of Snakes by Louise MacPherson

Opus by Liliana Arede

Never Meet Again by Sophie Garston

Dreams by E.L. Forrest

A Chance Encounter at The Best Exotic Fruit Market in Jaipur by Frances Turner

The Secret to Marriage by Laura Esther Sciortino

The Huntress of Obelyn Wood by Meredith Rae

Wishing on a Star by Adele Evershed

Tamar Bridge, 7.53am by Fiona Fox

Perchance to Dream by Eliot Hudson

A Phone Call by Christopher Cascio

The Answer by Sheena Billett

Self Help by Sue Buckingham

The Lifeline by Yvonne Clarke

The Laundry Room by MK O’Connor

Something Slow by Gracious Love

The Vampire by Laura Scotland

Open Wounds by Kevin Brooke

Cats’ Eyes and Blind Eyes by David Davies

Scrapyard Blues by T. L. Spezia

Maggots by Emilie Akoka

Rubbish by Sam Szanto

Fine in trainers by Julie Haworth

The Bone Key by Melynda Grubb

Without You by Grace Collins

Acquiescence by Kathleen Foxx

The One-Sided Triangle by Yvonne Lloyd

The Offline Cabin by Chrissy Sturt

Cherished Children’s Short Stories & Poetry

May/June/April 2021



Thank you every body that entered our May/June/July 2021 children's story contest. Our list of April and May/June winners and highly commended CHILDREN'S STORIES which will all feature in our first children's story anthology are listed below.

(Paperback and e-book will be available to purchase in the next few days - we will email our subscribers with details and purchase links will also be available on this website!)

Anna’s Backward Day by Andy Spearman (Winner April)

Dragon Dares by Lucy Welch (Second Place April)

Standing Guard by Marie Day (Winner June)

Flower Girl by Amy B. Moreno (Second Place June)

The Fox and the Dragon by Darren Arthurs

Poetry Park by Leah Knight

The Girl and the Boomerang by Huxley Clark (9 years old)

Potluck by Julie Haworth

Fish Face by Tony Bell

The Saveloy by John Tydeman

Splodglys and Tiddlers by Penny Walsh

Bernard the Bear Needs a Bath by Robert Peate

The Light by H. A. Piacento

Prickles by Laura Scotland

The City of Mist by Abigail Senior

The Calm Before the Stormi by Dana Storino

The Land of the Gods by Eda C. Chaxel (13 years old)

The Egg and the Balloon by Chloe Leung Suet Chin (11 years old)




Two Rings by Lee Greenaway WINNER - LONG STORY

The Pull of the Tides by Roz Levens SECOND PLACE - LONG STORY

Attraversiamo by Kerry Rawlinson WINNER - SHORT STORY

Lost and Found by Kathleen Foxx SECOND PLACE - SHORT STORY


The Magic Hour by Lisa Wiley

Emily and the Face by Graham Crisp

The Missionaries’ Daughter by Regina G. Beach

The Red Box on the Hill by Christina Collins

Mud Cake and Downward Dog by Kim Hart

When You’re Chosen, You’re Chosen by Daniel Marques

She Bleeds with the Fields by Gracious Love

Sailboat by Jarrett Mazza

Lord of the Feathers by Steve Goodlad

Condolences by Pam Knapp

Margate by MK O’Connor

Parrot Commentary by Kay Rae Chomic

I Flow to the Sea by Hedy Lewis

Tryptych by Joe Howsin

White by Lorraine Cooke

User History by Ethan Lee

Blessed with a Curse by Jane Bidder

Flight of the Butterfly by Vikki Gemmell

Johanna by Paul Phillips

Moustachio by Laura Scotland

My Girlfriend’s Plants by Robert Scott

Private View by Steve Gregory

4.9 Stars by Joe Howsin

Mrs. Bowley Upstairs by Ed Walsh

Passing Ships by Rosie Cullen

The Weathermen—A Love Letter by Aneeta Sundararaj

The Shadow Waved Back by Leena Batchelor

Passing On by Polly Palmer

Evensong by John Hargreaves

A Contained Life by Rebecca Kinnarney

Her Ordinary Man by Susan Rocks

The Right Place by Sven Camrath

Someone, No-one by Hilary Coyne

The Chair by Miki Lentin

As Cold as a Winter’s Day by Derek Hulme

The Displacement Artist by David DeWinter